Pro+Aqua - Premium Dual RV/Marine Water Softener Regeneration Kit and Water Filter


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  • QUICK AND SIMPLE: The universal garden hose connection design allows for connecting the unit to any feed water via a standard 3/4" garden hose.
  • DUAL WORKHORSE PRE-FILTER: This system includes aDual Stage water filter to eliminate Sediment, Chlorine, Taste, Odor, and many more contaminants - No more bad unhealthy water. Extend the life of your Portable Water Softener and other filtration equipment by eliminating sediment that would clog up ports and chlorine that would eat up the resin bead.
  • REGENERATION KIT: The regeneration kit includes quick connect fittings and a brine hose to quickly set up and regenerate your Portable Water Softener without tools. This unit will reduce your regeneration time in half over the traditional method of pouring in salt through a tiny hole. Who wants to spend hours trying to regenerate a heavy water softener when you can be fishing. Eliminate heavy lifting, spilled salt, and hours of shaking a heavy unit.
  • TRUE REGENERATION: Traditional outdated methods of pouring in salt through a tiny hole only regenerate about 40% of your resin as only the top of the resin is exposed to the brine. This unit allows you to introduce brine to the entire resin bed as a regular whole house system would, through a backwash cycle. Why spend hours trying to regenerate 40% of your resin when you can spend less time, hassle, and money regenerating your entire unit by using the WS-P-REG-KIT Regeneration Kit System.
  • FULLY COMPATIBLE: Universal and 100% compatible with any RV/Boat and Portable Water Softener and filtration units. The WS-P-REG-KIT Pre-filter/Regeneration Kit comes Complete with 3/4" Garden Hose connections, Dual Stage Pre-filter, Brine hose, Quick Connect Garden Hose adapters, a filter wrench for an easy filter change, and a 1-year warranty!




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