7 Tips To Make Any Road Trip Terrific

7 Tips To Make Any Road Trip Terrific

As road trip season is fast approaching, there are some essentials that each traveler needs to keep in mind to make sure they arrive at their destination safely, refreshed, and with peace of mind. Below we’ll go over some to help you make your next road trip a bit more fun and comfortable. 

  1. Plan your route: Before you get on the road, plan out where you want to stop, or where you’d like to eat. Travel websites can give you an idea of the best places to eat in the cities you might be driving through. Who knows, you might find out that a town that’s on your route has a famous restaurant that was featured in a TV show for their famous apple pie. 
  2. Take care of your car before you leave: Make sure you get an oil change, check the fluids, rotate tires if needed, and air them up to the proper psi. If you have roadside assistance, make sure your membership is up to date.
  3. Know where to refuel: Most gas-powered vehicles have a full tank range of 300 miles. With that in mind, make sure you know where service stations are along the way.     
  4. Snacks: Consider bringing beef jerky for protein as well as mixed nuts. The fat and protein in these snacks will help you feel more satisfied and full than a sugary donuts or chips and candy. Avoid snacks that are made with dairy as it could lead to gastrointestinal discomfort down the road.
  5. Wear comfortable clothing: You’ll be in your car for hours at a time, you might as well be cozy. Loose-fitting clothing and comfy shoes will be your best friend. But make sure you dress appropriately for the weather. If you’re planning on going out to the desert or somewhere hot, then a T-Shirt, shorts, and sandals would be ideal. But if you’re planning on going where it’s colder or wet, work out pants like yoga or sweats would be a better choice. Pair them with a comfy hoodie and some cozy shoes and you’ll be pleased as punch and presentable. 
  6. Bring water: Water is way underrated when it comes to road trips. Some people will bring one bottle to sip on along the way. But consider bringing a couple of gallons and store them in the trunk. Here’s why; keep a gallon of reverse osmosis water (RO) in the trunk in the event your car overheats. The lack of minerals in RO water makes it ideal for a car’s cooling system. Keep a few bottles of RO water inside the passenger area of the car to make sure you and your passengers have enough water to stay hydrated. Finally, keep a small bottle of RO water in the trunk just in case you run out of windshield washer fluid. Again, the lack of minerals in the water makes it a great substitute without causing any water spots. 
  7. Entertainment: Load up your playlists, bring magazines or books and movies. We’re not suggesting you do all those things while driving, but if you aren’t behind the wheel, take advantage of the time and read, watch movies or play games on your phone. This helps break up the monotony of a boring drive where the scenery is the same for miles. 

Now that we’ve presented you with 7 excellent tips, pack up and hit the open road this season! Be safe, be smart, and have a great time. Remember to take a lot of photos, sing along to your favorite songs and have a great time!

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