About Us

The founders of Pro+Aqua saw a need to deliver effective, easy to use, and affordable water filtration systems. Their combined experience of 40 years in the water business provided a base to develop a variety of products to filter city and well water so their customers can have access to the cleanest water possible. 

Pro+Aqua is never satisfied with the status quo, their Engineers continually improve their already effective and powerful water filtration devices through the use of state-of-the-art materials such as KDF, charcoal carbon blocks, ion exchange resins, and easy to use electronics. All products designed and built in the Pro+Aqua lab are Professional Grade and subjected to a stringent quality assurance process to ensure that customers are getting the finest water filtration devices available in the market. 

Pro+Aqua and the people that make up this company are strong supporters of their own products. Staff members not only know their catalog, but they also use them in their own homes. 

This was encouraged by the founders so that everyone in the company can have a better understanding of what they offer. Pro+Aqua born out of a need and inspired through innovation.