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Get a Spot-Free Rinse with Reverse Osmosis Water

Get a Spot-Free Rinse with Reverse Osmosis Water
Have you ever wondered how your local carwash can get your car spotless? If you didn’t know, it has a lot to do with the final rinse. At the very end of the wash, right before it goes through the blowers for drying, you might notice how water is misted over your car. The water used at this stage is not regular tap water, what they are using is Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water. RO water is pure, meaning there are no contaminants in it. So when it’s sprayed on to your car, there are no solids such as calcium and magnesium in the water where it would leave spots if it is left to dry. 

Let’s say you want to achieve the same spot-free-rinse at home because you don’t really have the time to take your car to get washed. Or perhaps you’re just trying to cut back on expenses. Whatever your reasoning might be, here’s a little tip that can help you save time, money, and make your car look great. 

Even though the carwash has a commercial reverse osmosis systemyou can still do this with your home RO system. Get a 1 or 2-gallon pump garden sprayer from your local home improvement store. Then fill it up with RO water. Pump it, set the spray nozzle to mist, and set the sprayer aside for now since you’ll be using that later.

Then wash your car like you normally would with your garden hose, sponge, soap, and bucket. Make sure you get rid of any road grime and other contaminants on your paint such as bird droppings, grease, tree sap and etc. Thoroughly rinse off any soap from the car, allowing the water to cascade over the car to ensure there’s no detergent left. 

The final step is to take your garden sprayer and use it on the car. Do wide sweeping motions, starting from the bottom of the car up. When you do this, the water droplets will get heavy with each pass and then gravity will make them stream down. Do this for the entirety of the car. After that, let it air dry. You could use a microfiber towel to dry it off if you’d like or a leaf blower, but just letting it sit to air dry should yield some great spot-free results. Remember, the Ro Filtered water doesn’t have any minerals that cause the spotting and this is the very reason why car washes use this type of water. The only thing left to do is sit back and admire your hard work.  

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