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What's Inside The Premium Pro Portable Water Softener Travel Series?

What's Inside The Premium Pro Portable Water Softener Travel Series?

Ever wonder what’s inside the Portable Water Softener by Pro+Aqua. Let’s take a look inside and discuss all the key features of this great travel water softener. 

Before we get into the details, let’s talk about the resin tank itself. The first thing we did was take our NSF Certified polyethylene inner shell and make sure we reinforced it by weaving fiberglass and epoxy around it to make sure that it lasts for years to come. Then we also included a thick neoprene jacket for an additional layer of protection. The base is another great little feature, we designed the tank to have a round bottom, but it sits in a wide 10 ⅜” base that can be pivoted in case there is uneven ground, the tank can still sit perpendicular.   

pro+aqua travel series portable water softener


We’ve equipped the Travel Series with a Pro Premium Head, this durable piece includes a brass back-flush female adapter and a ¾” garden hose high flow ports. Mated to the head is a heavy duty-commercial grade O-ring seal to keep things from leaking. Next, you’ll see a fine mesh upper basket. This works as a filter and prevents any large contaminants from entering the system. The mesh was designed to allow water to cascade over the resin so it can get the most amount of contact and go through the ion exchange process. As the tank fills with water, it then travels to the lower fine mesh bottom basket and up the riser tube and into your kitchen sink or shower. 

By the time you see water coming out of your fixtures, it has been softened, this means the resin that’s in the tank has removed minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium. This is especially important since most RV parks have really hard water. Bathing with soft water in your RV will be a treat in itself. Soaps and shampoos will lather better, the skin won’t feel so irritated, hair won’t feel dry and brittle. The dishwasher won’t leave spots on dishes and flatware, all thanks to the Portable Water Softener.  

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