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When to Regenerate Your Portable Water Softener

When to Regenerate Your Portable Water Softener

In this article, we’ll go over some tips and suggestions on figuring out when to regenerate (regen) your Pro+Aqua Portable Water Softener. All this is subject to your current usage and water hardness levels. 

The Travel Series has a performance capacity of 2000 gallons before needing a regen. But how do you know how much you’ve used? One of the simplest ways to know is by installing an inline water meter that could be found on Amazon for less than $30. These digital gallon counters will display your total water usage and by the time you’ve reached 2000, that’s when you perform the regen on the softener. 

Using a meter will be the most accurate way to know if you’ve reached the resin’s threshold in softening water. Another method that is also effective is to go by feel. Let’s say you’ve got your portable water softener installed on your RV at the campground and you take a shower or wash your hands. If you notice a difference in the amount of lather or how the water and soap feel on your hands, then it’s safe to assume that you’ll need to regen your softener. 

Typically when the resin inside the tank is compacted with minerals, it won’t be effective in softening water. The result will be subpar soft water that doesn’t lather, leaves soap scum around the tub, and water that doesn’t provide a slippery texture. It’s at this point that you should regen the Travel Series. The salt will help dislodge the minerals that are stuck to the resin beads and flush them away. This process takes about 30-45 minutes and uses 2lbs of table salt. After regeneration, your portable water softener is ready to be used again. 

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Some of our customers have reported that they regenerated every 4-6 weeks or at least once a month. Remember, that’s all subject to the water usage and the hardness of the feed water. Regeneration for your particular water softener might slightly differ from the intervals mentioned above, but at least it gives you a general idea of the frequency of regeneration that’s needed to maintain your Pro+Aqua Travel Series Portable Water Softener.

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