1000 GPD 4-Stage Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Sale price$1,599.99

• Ideal for breweries, hydroponics, hotels, restaurants, tea/coffee shops, ice/water stores, and more

• Removes 99% of contaminants, delivering the highest standards of taste and quality for your business

• Includes stainless steel gauges, valves, flow and TDS meters for precise adjustment

• Generates 800-1,000 gallons per day* with flexibility to use any tank size

• Designed and built in California, system ships fully assembled and configured for convenience

• 1-Year Standard Warranty (Extendable to 2 Years with Registration) and lifetime support

Options: 1K GPD RO

About the PRO-RO-I

Redefine your business's water quality to meet the highest quality standards, delivering pristine water for exceptional taste and satisfaction

Upgrade your business's water quality to meet the highest standards with our compact light commercial reverse osmosis water filter system, the PRO-RO-I. The ultimate solution for breweries, hydroponics, hotels, restaurants, tea/coffee shops, ice/water stores, and more, it guarantees the best taste and flavor by removing 99% of contaminants which may compromise the taste, texture, or appearance of your products.

Engineered for easy installation, user-friendly operation, and durability, this RO system is your key to unmatched performance. Featuring a commercial-grade pump, stainless steel gauges, valves, flow and TDS meters for precise adjustment, this system produces 800-1000 GPD*, with the flexibility to use any tank size for operations of any scale.

Unlike other systems on the market, the PRO-RO-I ships fully assembled and ready to be configured to perfection for your specific needs, allowing you to launch multiple units effortlessly, ensuring your business is up and running swiftly.

Redefine your business's water quality and customer satisfaction and take it to the next level with PRO+AQUA – Pure Water, Nothing Else.

*Depending on feed water and other factors.

Please Note: RO storage tank not included, bladder water storage tank recommended.



Dimensions & Weight
10' D x 10' W x 20' H, 75 lbs
Contaminants Removed

Filter 99% of contaminants, Sediment, Rust, Iron, Fluoride, Arsenic, Sulfur, Zinc, Copper, Lead, Radium, Uranium, Radionuclides, Heavy Metals

Number Of Stages


Port Size Inches


Max Flow Rate

1000 GPD

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
William Lucas
Easy install

Removes minerals and lowers TDS.
I used an ICB tote to store 275 gallons of ro water for my house. Comes with a tank float. Works perfect.

Jimbo White
This system has forever changed our farm!

When we first started doing hydroponics farming, we were just using regular tap water that is supplied with city water. As our operations started to grow, we knew it was time to invest in some sort of water filtration system. We wanted to get something that could produce a lot of water and remove all types of contaminants as well as any hardness that calcium and magnesium create.

After a bunch of research, we landed on the PRO-RO since it can meet our water needs, price point, and the ability to customize our water. We like to strip down the city water down to its basic form, plain water. No chemicals, no minerals. This allows us to build our water profile based on what our plants need. We create a concoction with cal/mag and other nutrients and adjust accordingly based on what the crop needs.

By being able to adjust our water chemistry and build, our crops have benefited and our harvest has increased and that means more money for us! Hopefully, this review will help other hydroponic farmers.