4000 GPD 3-Stage Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Sale price$4,459.95

• Ideal for hydroponics, hotels, restaurants, breweries, food & beverage, coffee shops, carwashes, and more

• Removes 99% of contaminants, delivering the highest quality, purest water for your business needs

• Ultra-precise production control and easy monitoring with flow meters, pressure gauges, and TDS Meter

• Generates 4,000 gallons per day* with flexibility to use any tank size

• Designed and built in California, it comes fully assembled and configured for convenience

• 1-Year Standard Warranty (Extendable to 2 Years with Registration) and lifetime support

Options: 4K GPD RO

About the PRO-RO-IV

The future of water purification. Transform your business's water quality to new heights with unparalleled purity and exceptional taste.

Upgrade your business's water quality to meet the highest standards with our PRO-RO-IV commercial reverse osmosis water filter system. The ultimate solution for breweries, hydroponics, hotels, restaurants, tea/coffee shops, ice/water stores, food/drink manufacturing, carwashes, laboratories, grocery stores, medical and dental facilities, and any other commercial use needing ultra-pure RO water.

Our system guarantees the best taste and flavor, not only removing 99% of dissolved contaminants that could compromise the taste, texture, or appearance of your products but also providing protection for your equipment, ensuring longevity and unmatched performance.

Engineered for easy installation, user-friendly operation, and durability, this heavy-duty RO system features commercial-grade pump, stainless steel gauges & membrane housing, valves, clear flow meters, and easy controller with TDS meter for precise adjustment and monitoring. This system produces 3800-4000 GPD*, with the flexibility to use any tank size for operations of any scale.

The PRO-RO-IV ships fully assembled and ready to be configured to perfection for your specific needs, allowing you to launch multiple units effortlessly, ensuring your business is up and running swiftly. Redefine your business's water quality and customer’s satisfaction and take it to the next level with PRO+AQUA – Pure Water, Nothing Else.

*Depending on feed water and other factors.

Please Note: RO storage tank not included, bladder water storage tank recommended

Care Information: All reverse osmosis system requires regular maintenance as well as proper pre-treatment to ensure your system continues to perform at top peak performance for many years. This RO system is designed to be used with municipal water supplies. For issues such as iron, sulfur and/or manganese, you MUST treat your water BEFORE the system. Please contact us if you have questions regarding pre-treatment.



Dimensions & Weight
48' D x 40' W x 50' H, 205 lbs
Number Of Stages


Max Flow Rate

4000 GPD

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