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When it comes to hydroponics, reverse osmosis (RO) water is the preferred water to transport mineral elements and nutrients to plants. This is because regular tap water has too many contaminants that could potentially harm crops. City water is rich in chlorines, pesticides, heavy metals, calcium carbonate, and magnesium carbonate. These contaminants take up space in the water and prevent the nutrients that growers add from being fully absorbed by the plants.

When water is processed through a commercial reverse osmosis system like the Pro+Aqua PRO-RO-I, 99% of contaminants found in tap water will be rejected at a rate of 1000 gallons per day. Once the water is free of chemicals, and dissolved solids, growers can add nutrients to the water for better plant absorption which can yield better results than regular tap water would have allowed.

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Large hydroponic farms will incorporate the PRO-RO-I into their irrigation system coupled with a holding tank to ensure that their plants will always have pure water available. These tanks have an automatic shut-off valve that triggers the PRO-RO-I to stop water production once the tank is filled to prevent overfilling.

In addition to the pure water that the PRO-RO-I produces, the control panel is user-friendly and includes a built-TDS meter. This allows growers to monitor the TDS level on the water being produced. If needed, a custom water profile could be created by introducing tap water into the output with a simple twist of the stainless steel needle valves located on the control panel.

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Key Features

    Professional grade parts and materials Compact design takes up no more than 2ft of space Stainless steel gauges and membrane housing Precision stainless steel needle valves Easy to use control panel Built-in TDS meter Designed and built in California 1000 gallons per day Removes 99% of contaminants Black powder-coated industrial steel frame Ideal for: hydroponics, aquaponics, coffee shop, restaurant, breweries, ice machines, water stores, and more.

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