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Get the advantage over the competition with the Pro+Aqua Portable Water Softener. When using a pressure washer and foam cannon to wash cars, soft water will provide a better lather than regular tap water would. The reason why this is important for auto detailers, the soap helps to lift dirt and debris off a car’s paint, but if tap water is used, the foam coming out of the cannon isn’t as full-bodied. This means the car won’t be as clean and could result in an unsatisfied client. Soft water elevates the foam levels coming out of the cannon, which results in a cleaner car and a happier customer.

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To use the Portable Water Softener, install it between the water spigot and a pressure washer. Or use it to fill up water storage tanks, that way soft water is available at every job. The water softener is small (10”x19.5”) enough to take to every job, it has an output capacity of 40 days or 2000 gallons before it needs to regenerate.

Regeneration is a breeze with the optional dual-purpose regen/pre-filter kit. Simply remove the sediment filter provided, add 1-2 boxes of table salt, attach the provided fittings to the brine hose, then connect the fitting to the OUT port on the softener. The water and salt mix in the clear housing which creates a brine that flows into the softener. The brine helps to loosen dirt and debris to backwash any contaminants within the resin bed. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes and once it’s done, the softener is ready to be used again.

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Key Features

    16,000-grain capacity. Provides up to 40 days or 2000 gallons of soft water. Compact size-easy storage and portability. California designed, using high-grade NSF materials. NSF Certified food-grade premium resin.

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