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85% of the United States has hard water. Traveling to various campgrounds in a Recreation Vehicle (RV) or Trailer will ultimately yield water hookups that have hard water. Hard water leaves spots on dishes, and scale build-up on other water appliances. Showers and toilets are also susceptible to limescale, if left alone, it can be very difficult to remove and cause a variety of plumbing issues within the RV/trailer.

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Pro+Aqua Portable Water Softener Pro

The Pro+Aqua Portable Water Softener Pro provides travelers premium soft water without the use of special tools or electricity. Simply connect the RV park water hookup to the water softener, then run the provided garden hose from the output port and into the RV’s water system. The portable water softener can provide up to 40 days or 2000 gallons of soft water. Campers can now enjoy soft water in their showers, toilets, and kitchen sink.

Regeneration is a breeze with the optional dual-purpose regen/pre-filter kit. Simply remove the sediment filter provided, add 1-2 boxes of table salt, attach the provided fittings to the brine hose, then connect the fitting to the OUT port on the softener. The water and salt mix in the clear housing which creates a brine that flows into the softener. The brine helps to loosen dirt and debris to backwash any contaminants within the resin bed. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes and once it’s done, the softener is ready to be used again.

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Key Features

    16,000-grain capacity. Provides up to 40 days or 2000 gallons of soft water. Compact size-easy storage and portability. California designed, using high-grade NSF materials. NSF Certified food-grade premium resin.

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Portable RV Water Softener Pro Grade 16,000 Grain, Trailers, Boats, Car Washing

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This Portable Mobile Water Softener is the best-performing and best-priced RV/Boat water softener on the market. This high-quality professional portable water softener eliminates hard water on the road or on your boat. It is also ideal for car washing for home or commercial professionals.

Protect your health by eliminating hard water health concerns and improving dry itchy skin, red dry spots, dry scalps, and eczema by removing skin-damaging hard minerals. This water softener will improve the health of your skin and hair, you will notice a difference at first use.

Protect your expensive equipment and increases the lifespan of appliances This softener provides soft water that prevents hard water & rust stains, avoids scale build-up, improves taste and odor, increases lathering of soaps and reduces over usage, and significantly increases the color of your clothes and spots on your dishes by increasing the performance of your washing machine and dishwasher, removes hard water buildup in older pipes and protect and improve the performance of your RV pumps.

The WS-P-16 Portable Water Softener produces twice the gallons of soft water compared to a standard model from the leading competitor and is the best compact RV mobile softener on the market. Built for portability and durability for serious RV, Boat, or Mobile Detail owners, this 16,000-grain unit is a perfect choice and supplies approx. 40% more soft water than any other unit on the market. This portable RV Water Softener comes fully built and is ready for use in under 5 minutes. Simply backwash the system to flush any loose resin beads until the water runs clear (5 minutes) then, the unit is ready to be used. You will see instant results.

It regenerates in under 30 minutes with only 2 boxes of any brand of table salt, no chemicals or special salts are needed. This unit will soften water up to 2,000 gallons (at 8 GPG hardness) or up to 40 days, depending on your hardness and usage. The WS-P-16 compact space-saving design allows it to be installed in the tightest places such as your RV storage bay or boat dock side locker.

Its unique features include its wide 10-3/8" sturdy base, high-grade premium capacity resin, easy garden hose 3/4" high flow inlet/outlet connection, female to female adapter for backwash, and, optional WS-P-REG-KIT quick & simple 2 in 1 pre-filter and regen kit available for a no-fuss regeneration, no tools required installation, compatible with all standard 3/4" garden hose connectors worldwide. This unit does not require electricity and has no electrical parts and can be washed down to clean.

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