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Needs to be changed

Using hard water or what many know as tap water when cleaning windows or solar panels will yield terrible results. The dissolved minerals in tap water when dried create streaks, spotting, and eventual pitting on glass surfaces. Those same minerals can accumulate on other surfaces such as metal window panes, rubber seals, various parts of a solar panel. The accumulation is similar to the same limescale buildup that is often found in bathrooms on faucets, and shower doors.

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Needs to be changed

To prevent any type of hard water stains and build-up, professional window and solar panel washers rely on water softeners like the Pro+Aqua Portable Water Softener. But what makes the Pro+Aqua different is its size. Traditionally many window/solar panel washers will have a large resin tank on the back of their work truck. Not only are those tanks bulky, but they could also pose a risk for other drivers. There’s a risk of it falling off and causing an accident. The Pro+Aqua is small, measuring 10”x 19.5”, which means it is less likely to fall out of a truck bed since it sits well within the 22.5” average depth of most beds. The Pro+Aqua has a service capacity of 2000 gallons or 40 days before it needs to be regenerated.

Regeneration is a breeze with the optional dual-purpose regen/pre-filter kit. Simply remove the sediment filter provided, add 1-2 boxes of table salt, attach the provided fittings to the brine hose, then connect the fitting to the OUT port on the softener. The water and salt mix in the clear housing which creates a brine that flows into the softener. The brine helps to loosen dirt and debris to backwash any contaminants within the resin bed. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes and once it’s done, the softener is ready to be used again.

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Key Features

    16,000-grain capacity. Provides up to 40 days or 2000 gallons of soft water. Compact size-easy storage and portability. California designed, using high-grade NSF materials. NSF Certified food-grade premium resin.

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