Off-Grid Living

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The rise of popularity with off-grid living has been climbing rapidly. Current economic, environmental, and political climate have made people want to be less reliant on being part of the grid and live life to the fullest by creating a self-sustaining homestead that is far away from big cities.

In order to execute this lifestyle, families will need to have access to clean water in order to survive. Off-grid living means the property is not connected to any municipality. Often times these dwellings access well water and pump it to the home.

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Another option is to collect rainwater and store it on the property in large tanks. But the water in those tanks will need to be filtered. This is where the PRO-Well-1E comes in, this filtration system was designed to eliminate a number of contaminants found in well and rainwater such as iron, hydrogen sulfide (sulfur rotten egg smell), manganese, arsenic, zinc, copper, lead, uranium, radium, radionuclides, heavy metals. With its 3-micron rating, this well water treatment system also filters sediment, rust, sand, and much more.

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Key Features

    Professional Grade Parts and Materials Built-in California Advanced digital valve 3-micron media prefilled high-pressure tank. 1" port stainless steel bypass, 1" port optional yoke, two 1" male adapters. Two 18" flex connectors. Stainless Steel Bypass 100% Guaranteed-No-Hassle 5-year warranty and free lifetime support.

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