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How Often Should You Wash Your RV/Trailer

How Often Should You Wash Your RV/Trailer

Depending on who you talk to, many RV enthusiasts recommend washing your rig 10-12 times a year. Some find it more convenient to just hire someone to do the dirty work, while others may actually enjoy it and get a sense of accomplishment once they’re done. If the latter describes you, then let’s go over some tips and tricks in washing your RV/Camper or Toy Hauler. But before you start washing your RV, you’ll need to make sure that you use the recommended materials that are safe to use on your RV’s finish. Determined by the manufacturing process, some RVs have a gel coat that could easily be scratched if aggressive materials and soaps are used. Many RV brands will have information on their site or in the owner’s manual indicating their washing process recommendations. 

Portable Water Softener

You probably own one already. But if you don’t, consider the Pro+Aqua Portable Water Softener called the Travel Series. This system has a 16,000-grain capacity that will provide up to 40 days (2,000 gallons) of softened water depending on your hardness and usage and can be easily regenerated with the Regen/Pre-Filter Kit.

Portable water softener

By using the Travel Series to wash your rig, you’ll be cutting down on the minerals that are found in hard water, minimizing the water spots on the windows and paint. Besides, using soft water with a foam cannon will yield better suds when washing anything.  When water is free of calcium and magnesium, it allows the soap molecules to react freely with water, which in turn creates more lather, which makes cleaning more effective. 

Pressure Washer

Every RV owner needs to have a pressure washer for the fact that these things make it so much easier to wash anything. Besides, they’re very convenient to have around a home. But in this case, using it to wash an RV is going to make the job easier and faster. 

But don’t use just any pressure washer, you have to make sure that you use one that won’t damage your paint. Pressure washers above 2000psi will be too powerful, many auto detailers recommend using a 1500-1900psi washer. This range is strong enough to address bird droppings, grease, bugs, and tar without damaging your RV’s finish. 


There are a variety of carwash soaps available in the market. But whatever you do, DO NOT use Dawn or any other type of dish soap. Most dish soaps work like a degreaser and could leave RV exterior surfaces dull or strip away any wax that was previously applied. Places like Walmart or auto parts stores carry a number of products made for RVs. Some even have a wax capability to them where all you have to do is wash the vehicle with the soap and when it’s rinsed away, it leaves a protective wax coating on the body. 

Foam Cannon

You’re probably asking what a foam cannon is, it’s basically an attachment that goes on the gun of your pressure washer. It has a bottle that you can fill with your favorite soap. When the trigger is pulled, water mixes in the bottle with the soap, and a thick foam comes out. This attachment makes for quick work in getting soap onto the RV in no time at all.

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