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Why Pressure Washer Businesses Need a Portable Water Softener

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Are you in the pressure washing business? Have you ever considered using a portable water softener? You probably haven’t. Let me tell you why this would be beneficial for your business. Most pressure washer services will connect their hose to their client’s water source. The only problem with that is the water quality. Nearly 85% of homes and businesses in America have hard water. This means the chances of you using hard water are pretty high. Using this type of water can cause problems with your equipment over time. Calcium. magnesium and other minerals can build up on critical internal pump components and corrode plunger seals. 

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In addition to pump damage, another aspect of pressure washing that most services don’t consider would be the amount of detergent being used for the job. A water softener will dramatically reduce detergent consumption per job since it's free of calcium and magnesium, which means it can get a full lather. Hard water does the complete opposite, the minerals will react with the detergent and prevent any type of lather in which suspends dirt, grease, and grime while cleaning surfaces and materials. This also means that more detergent will be needed to create a lather and that equates to more money spent on goods/materials on a job and a lower profit margin.

A portable water softener is a sound investment for any pressure washer business. First of all, there are no moving parts in the water softener, the only thing that gets connected to it would be hoses. Secondly, it can be used every day at each job, and maintaining the unit is very easy. It only takes 2 boxes of table salt and 30 minutes of your time. It only requires a regeneration every 40 days or every 2,000 gallons of use. 

One thing to consider would be the cost of a pressure washer repair. The average cost of a power washing service is $283. That means, for the same cost of a one-time service call, a pressure washer business could have invested that money towards a portable water softener. The company would see their return on this investment over and over again since they won’t have to service their equipment nearly as often. 

Lastly, the portable water softener unit is half the size of traditional softeners, which means they can fit in the back of any work truck or van. It doesn’t take up much space and for its size, this tool for the trade makes a great impact on day to day operations for the business. 

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