80,000 Grain Heavy Duty Whole House Water Softener

Sale price$899.99

• Perfect for 4-6+ bathrooms on city, municipal and well water sources

• Improves skin, hair, and laundry performance by removing hard minerals like calcium and magnesium

• Extends the lifespan of household appliances by preventing scale buildup in pipes and plumbing

• Digital Control Valve for automatic cleaning, easy monitoring, and hassle-free maintenance

• Built with premium commercial grade components and parts for durability and reliability

• 5-Year Standard Warranty (Extendable to 7 Years with Registration) and lifetime support

About the PRO-S-80E

Join the soft side and indulge in spa-like water throughout your home, from healthier skin and silkier hair to brighter laundry and spotless dishes

Discover the benefits of the PRO-S-80-E Whole House Water Softener System, delivering ultra-soft water by eliminating hard minerals like calcium and magnesium.

The result? Softer water that not only enhances your bathing and cleaning experience but also increasing the efficiency of household appliances by preventing scale buildup, ultimately reducing your energy bills.

Designed in California with commercial-grade durability, this system provides you with years of reliable service. Featuring an advanced programmable digital metered control valve for automatic cleaning, easy monitoring, and hassle-free maintenance, it regenerates only when needed, saving hundreds of gallons of water and salt. This system comes pre-assembled and pre-filled with NSF-certified resin for easy installation.

Elevate your life with the softness you deserve and transform your daily water experience throughout your entire home, from your kitchen to bathroom and laundry room. Embrace smoother skin and silkier hair with spa-like water and notice the vibrancy of your laundry and spotless dishes. If you are looking to purchase a water softener and you want the very best, our PRO-S-80-E is your answer.



Household Size

8+ people

Dimensions & Weight

Pro-S-80E Softener: 13' D x 13' W x 64' H, 130 lbs
Pro-S-80E Brine Tank: 18' D x 18' W x 36' H, 23 lbs

Contaminants Removed

Sediment, Hard Water, Calcium, Iron

Salt Capacity

200 lb

Filtration Capacity

80,000 Grains of Hardness

Included in this box

Electronic Valve

Media Tank

Brine Tank


AC Adapter


Top Distributor

1/4" Brine Hose

Drain Hose

O-ring Lubricant

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
way too soft- called local pros

gave it a try at our newly built house with our new well. Water was way too soft and never could get it right. Called the local Water filtration professionals, and they came out and installed their new system.
Cost more money but money well spent sorry I wasted money on the system

Tom s has head failure!
Tom s human failure alive and well.

Its had power lose when tested in manufacture.
As directions say hold the button on far right with a swirling 4 way button as you start charging it

Jimmy Canoy
Better than anticipated for my well water

Surprisingly arrived in excellent condition considering it shipped from California to Missouri. I researched just about every brand available online before I made my decision. Ultimately I purchased because of unit size (big) and ability to handle the 20 gallons per minute that my well pushes through it. I have a 60/40 pressure switch. I installed 2 inline pressure gauges. One pre and one post water softener. It’s pretty amazing to only have a 2 psi pressure drop while water is running. I’ve had 4 different softeners over the past 25 years and none have ever performed this well. By purchasing a bigger size unit it allows less frequent regenerations which saves water and salt. I set my program to generate based on water volume usage. Highly recommended. Beautiful black color. Easy to install if you can follow specific instructions.

EZ Installation

Works great. Installation was easy. Just had to get a flex pipe to connect the unit, but everything was included!

Great unit! Read the instructions and it's pretty easy to set up, The motor and controls are of b...

Great unit! Read the instructions and it's pretty easy to set up, The motor and controls are of black plastic/abs so I slip a plastic b-b-q cover over the unit to shade it from direst sunlight and prevent any problems. This is our second unit. The previous one lasted about 15 years.
We won't do without soft water. Besides the benefits of cleaner clothes, dishes and showers, we save our appliances of unnecessary wear and tear. I highly recommend this unit. You'll love it!