Three System Bundle | 80,000 Grain Softener, Well Water Iron/Odor Filtration and 3-Stage Filter

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•​​ Includes the PRO-100-E, PRO-WELL-1E and PRO-S-80E for comprehensive water filtration & softening

• Ideal for households with 3-4 bathrooms on city, municipal and well water sources

• Removes contaminants like sediment, chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine and up to 2 ppm of clear-water iron

• Extends the lifespan of household appliances by preventing scale buildup in pipes and plumbing

• Digital Control Valve for automatic cleaning, easy monitoring, and hassle-free maintenance

• Up to 5-Year Standard Warranty (Extendable to 7 Years with Registration) and lifetime support

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About the BNDL-WEL

Enjoy the best of both worlds with our comprehensive bundle, delivering pristine water quality that's not only soft but also odor-free and safe

Elevate your water quality with the BNDL-WEL, a comprehensive water treatment solution which includes the ELITE GEN2 PRO-100-E pre-filter system, PRO-WELL-1E well water filtration system, and the PRO-S-80E softener. These 3 systems work together to provide 5 stages of unmatched water treatment, ensuring your water is not only odor-free and crystal clear but also ultra-soft and safe.

This bundle reduces hardness minerals and effectively removes up to 99% of contaminants such as sediment, VOCs, chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine, lead, hydrogen sulfide, up to 7 ppm of clear-water iron, up to 2 ppm of manganese and more. It also increases the efficiency of appliances by preventing scale buildup while inhibiting bacteria and algae growth, ultimately reducing your energy bills.

Designed in California and built with commercial-grade components, these durable systems provide you with years of reliable service. Featuring an advanced programmable digital metered control valve for automatic cleaning, easy monitoring, and hassle-free maintenance, it regenerates only when needed, saving hundreds of gallons of water and salt. This bundle comes pre-filled with NSF-certified media for easy installation.

It's time to transform your daily water experience with confidence and ease. Ensure soft, clean, and safe water for all your household needs, from showering and cooking to cleaning, laundry, and pet care with PRO+AQUA.



Household Size


Dimensions & Weight

Pro-Well-1E: 10' D x 10' W x 55' H, 83 lbs
Pro-S-80E Softener: 13' D x 13' W x 64' H, 130 lbs
Pro-S-80E Brine Tank: 18' D x 18' W x 36' H, 23 lbs
PRO-100-E: 8' D x 23' W x 27' H, 53 lbs

Contaminants Removed

Sediment, Dirt, Sand, Silt, Rust, Scale Particles, Hardness, Heavy Metals, Chlorine Taste & Odor, VOC's, Rust, Iron, Sulfur, Zinc, Copper, Lead, Radium, Uranium, Radionuclides, Heavy Metals, Hard Water, Calcium

Number Of Stages


Max Hardness

110 GPG

Included in this box

Softener System

Brine Tank

Well System

Elite System

Stainless Bypass


AC Adapters

1" Nipples (4)

QC Adapters (6)

QC Removal Tools

Drain Hoses

Drain Hose

Housing Wrenches

O-ring Lubricant

Bolts & Washers

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