In/Out U Ports Style Water Softener or Filter Head For 2.5" Port Tanks

Sale price$45.00

This In and Out U Style Port head is made of durable fiber-inforced polymer.

Used in Water Softeners, Activated Carbon, Sediment Filtration, and other water treatment applications.

  • Inlet/Outlet U Style Ports
  • Mounting Base: 2.5
  • Riser Pipe: 1.05" OD
  • Upper Distributor Twist On Port
  • Installs on common mineral tanks with a 2.5" #8 tank opening.
  • Can be configured for up-flow or down-flow service
Designed for simple in-out systems:
  • pH neutralizers
  • Carbon Filters
  • DI Resin
  • Softening Resin

For us in City or Well Water.

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