DI Resin Replacement Refill Deionization Color Changing Premium Grade, TDS Filtration, Aquariums, Spot Free Rinse

Sale price$19.26

Size: 1 Liter
  • ULTRA PURE TDS FREE WATER – Dramatically reduce 100% of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from your water when used after a Reverse Osmosis/DI system.
  • COLOR-CHANGING INDICATOR – The Pro+Aqua DI Mixed Bed Ion Exchange color-changing resin changes color to clearly indicate when it's time to replace your media. When exhausted, the resin changes from green to amber, leaving out the guesswork of when to replace the media to ensure your water stays ultra-pure.
  • REFILL & SAVE – 100% compatible with any manufacturer DI Refillable cartridges. Refill DI cartridges of any size and save money.
  • UNBEATABLE PERFORMANCE - Premium DI media, safe for your aquariums, and exceptional performance for a spot-free rinse for car washes and windows.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - 100% virgin type Mixed Bed DI exchange resin. None of our DI resin is regenerated, ensuring you get premium quality and no chemicals in your aquarium.

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