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Give her what she's been wanting...soft water Valentines

Give her what she's been wanting...soft water Valentines
Are you tired of the cliche Valentine’s Day ads you see on TV or social media where some chump gives his significant other an expensive piece of jewelry? If you are, then you’re amongst friends who share your sentiment. You see, we at Pro+Aqua believe in logical and practical gift-giving. We don’t believe in sugar-coating things and have always given our customers and readers of this blog straight answers.

We’ve established that traditional Valentine’s Day presents are not the way to go this year. We’re suggesting you get him/her a gift that will last a long time! Give the person in your life the gift of soft water. Now you’re probably thinking, “that’s not very romantic…” Who said it was supposed to be. Romance should be something you do all the time, not once a year (mic drop).

But I digress. Let’s talk about the Pro+Aqua PRO-S-80E Whole House Water Softener.This system is more than capable of handling the soft water needs for a family of 4-5 people with 3-4 bathrooms. Keep in mind that just because you get a soft water system, that it ends there. This type of Valentine’s gift will last for years on out. Plus each day your significant other as well as the other members of the family can reap the benefits of soft water.

These benefits include, but not limited to:

Brighter and softer clothes:
Did you know that when doing laundry with hard water, minerals leave deposits on fabrics? When these minerals fuse to the fibers, it leaves a residue that is similar to limescale that is found in bathtubs and showers. This residue is partly responsible for clothes looking faded and feeling rougher to the touch. But with a water softener, those minerals will not be present in your laundry, leaving them cleaner and just as bright as the day you bought it.

Spend less time cleaning
A by-product of hard water would be the limescale buildup and soap scum that is left behind. A water softener can prevent limescale from collecting in bathtubs, showers, and sinks. As you know, cleaning these surfaces is a lot of work and often will take various chemicals and elbow grease just to make things look clean again. But with soft water, the limescale isn’t present, soap/shampoo dissolve properly, and does not leave scum.

No more itchy skin and hair
Hard water causes dull and dry to the touch hair and skin, that’s due to the minerals in the water which bonds to your body and cause it to look dull or discolored. A water softener can help bring back some moisture to your hair and to your skin almost immediately.

Prevent costly damage
Hard water flowing through copper pipes can cause expensive repair jobs. This is due to the minerals in the water hitting the walls and joints of the pipes. Over time these minerals will pit the copper and create pinhole leaks.
Investing in a Pro+Aqua water softener can prevent irreversible damage. By removing the minerals before they have the chance to clog your pipes. Saving you money and time.

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