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Portable Water Softener: Commercial Uses

Portable Water Softener: Commercial Uses

The Pro+Aqua Portable Water Softener isn’t just for RVs, it has many commercial uses. Below are two examples of companies who are currently using the system for their day to day operations.

Pawzandall is an Orlando, Florida based mobile dog groomer that we teamed up with. Laura Ventura uses the Travel Series to fill up her holding tanks each morning. Prior to the water softener, she was hooking up her garden hose directly to the van. Orlando is known to have some really hard water. Laura had mentioned that prior to getting the water softener, she often used additional conditioner just to get her client’s coat soft and that her hands felt dry after spending a day grooming pets. 

Once Laura received the water softener, all she had to do was run her garden hose to the resin tank, then connect the included hose to the tank and then to her van. After her tank is filled up, she’s ready to start working. Immediately Laura mentioned how much better the water was when bathing cats and dogs. She didn’t have to use as much shampoo and conditioner, furthermore, her hands weren’t as dry as it used to be. 

Laura was pretty convinced that the softener has made an impact on her business. In the long run, her usage of shampoo/conditioner will go down, which means less money spent. Her hands won’t be dry and irritated from hard water, and lastly, her clients will love the results they are getting from her service. 

Pawzandall mobile grooming uses the proaqua portable water softener

You can watch the Pawzandall video below:


The next business that has benefited from using soft water is Green Rhino Carpet Cleaning out of Paso Robles, California. Tommy is an industry veteran and has been cleaning carpets for years. He’s also taken on a role on his Youtube Channel where he teaches people how to start their own carpet cleaning business. 

Green Rhino Carpet Cleaning uses Pro Aqua portable water softener  

Tommy had heard that carpet cleaning with soft water would be advantageous, but he has never had the opportunity to try it, until now. We teamed up with Tommy and provided him a Pro+Aqua Travel Series. We know first hand that soft water makes a tremendous difference in carpet cleaning. How do we know this? We’ve tested this theory in our Pro+Aqua Lab and had favorable results with carpet cleaning. We’re so confident that Tommy will have the same results as we did, that we asked him to incorporate it with his cleaning service. 

In his video, he talks about how this simple tool can also be used as a selling point with his customers. Not only will it give him an extra marketing edge over his competitors who do not use soft water, but he’ll be able to see the difference with how much cleaner each job site is. That in itself will translate to happy customers and if they’re happy, they’ll use him again and refer his services to their friends and family. 

You can watch the Green Rhino Carpet Cleaning video below:


The Pro+Aqua Travel Series isn’t limited to pet groomers and carpet cleaners. It has additional commercial applications with auto/boat/motorcycle detailers, pressure washer services, and window/solar panel washers. By using a portable water softener, those businesses mentioned are able to provide a better service that is free of hard water stains. Plus, soft water will prevent any type of limescale buildup on expensive commercial equipment. 

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