Millenials and RVs

Millenials and RVs

Did you know that Millenials are poised to be the next demographic to be taking over RV ownership? We came across some statistics that we found very interesting when it comes to RVs. According to

“roughly 40 million people in the United States go RV camping. Of those 40 million, Millennials make up approximately 38% of campers, even though they make up just 31% of the general population, according to 2017 figures.”

In addition, Kampgrounds of America (KOA) 2019 North American Camping Report stated, “camping has become increasingly popular among younger people, particularly Millennials and Gen X-ers.”  Interestingly enough, 53% of new campers camp in tents, 25% choose cabins, and 19% RVs. Currently, the age range for an RV owner is 35-54 years old, but based on the stats above, this could mean that millennials who are currently between 25 and 40 years old are well on their way to becoming the next generation of RV owners. 

With more millennials getting behind the wheel of an RV, their habits will be with them during the ride. One such thing they are known for is they prefer bottled water over tap water. This can easily translate over to the type of water they’ll be bringing with them when they go camping. Though millennials prefer the quality of bottled water, they hate the waste that it produces with plastic bottles. This is where having a portable RV water softener comes in handy. The ProAqua Travel Series is the perfect camping companion. This unit easily hooks up to the campground’s water source through a garden hose, then to the RV. Within a few minutes, the RV will have wonderful soft water flowing to the kitchen faucet, toilet and shower. 

Some may wonder if soft water is safe to drink. The answer is yes. During the regeneration process, a brine solution enters the water softener tank and an ion exchange occurs. This is where the salt from a brine source trades places with calcium and magnesium. This helps to cleanse the resin bed of any trapped minerals and is then flushed away. 

When its time to start using the portable water softener, the ion exchange continues. But this time, the process is reversed, when hard water comes into the tank, the minerals will latch onto the resin beads and lets go of the salt that was placed there during regeneration. The amount of salt added to the water is relatively small, well below the dietary recommendations. The water that is now available in the RV is going to be 100% better than what was available previous to using the softener, which should meet or exceed a millennial’s water standards. 

RVing has grown in popularity with millennials for a variety of reasons. Some say that RVing provides a unique travel experience, while others claim that it allows them to build memories with their family and friends. Millennials are among the biggest proponents of the belief that enjoying life in this day and age is all about experiences rather than having possessions. And they’re right, RVing offers something that a person wouldn’t be able to experience if they traveled to a resort and stayed in a hotel. Camping harkens back to the primal instincts of surviving, cooking outdoors, and experiencing the beauty of mother nature.

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The allure of traveling and living by RV has grown exponentially. A simple Youtube search of a few keywords such as “van life,” or “RV life” will yield hundreds, if not, thousands of results of millennials who live, work, and travel with an RV and in some cases, these millennials do this full time.  

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