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Why Every Portable RV Water Softener Owner Needs This

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The product that we’re talking about would be the new Pro Aqua Premium Dual RV/Marine Water Softener, Regeneration, and Water Filter Kit. Why do we recommend this item to people who own portable water softeners? It comes with a 2 stage filter, this means it traps sediment, rust, or any large particles that can be found in campground water sources. The charcoal helps to eliminate foul tastes and odors and eliminate many contaminants such as chlorine, chloramine, and more.  

Another reason why we recommend the kit is the fact that it doubles as a regeneration system that is compatible with any portable RV water softener that utilizes ¾” garden hose fittings. Brands like On The Go, Watts, ProAqua, Hydrotec, AO Smith, and more can regenerate their resin bed without pouring salt inside the tank then shaking it and letting it sit for a long time for the salt to effectively cleanse the resin. Those days are over! With the Regen Filter Kit, all one has to do is remove the filter element inside the housing then pour in 2lbs of table salt and connect it directly to the softener and a water source with the included fittings. The brine solution enters the resin tank to detach any magnesium and calcium that have been trapped inside so it can flush it away. When the regeneration is complete, the kit can resume working as a pre-filter by placing the filter element inside and making the proper connections to the water softener, then it can be placed in service once again.

proaqua regeneration kit

As mentioned earlier, the old way of regenerating a portable RV water softener is to pour salt by removing the threaded cap of the tank or through a small fill port on the top of the unit. The trouble with that method, the salt poured in generally sits on top of the resin bed and never makes it down through the whole tank. This means that the tank is only 50% regenerated at the most and will cause owners to regenerate more often, which takes time and money to do. 

By using the kit, you can create a concentrated brine solution that will be able to permeate throughout the resin bed. This ensures that the resin beads, from top to bottom, are properly cleansed and rid of the minerals trapped during the ion exchange. 

proaqua regen kit

Pro+Tip: If time and space permits, try using water softener salt pellets rather than table salt. We found that this type of salt is just as effective in regenerating the resin bed. The only drawbacks it has, it takes over an hour to dissolve a housing full of pellets and the space that 40lbs of salt takes in an RV. 

On the upside, a 40lb bag of salt at your local big-box store averages around $5.95. If we did the math, regular table salt costs about $.50-$1.00 for a 2lb container. But the 40lb bag of salt comes out to $.14 per pound. If pellet salt is used to regenerate, it will only cost $.28 per session compared to using the table salt where it can cost twice or up to three times more. 

The reason why we recommend table salt for regeneration is due to space. 2lb containers of salt take up very little space. Their footprint is close to the same size as a large coffee mug and can be stored just about anywhere on the RV. The 40lb of salt is much bigger and heavier, and since real estate for storage is at a premium on an RV, the table salt is the best way to go. 

To recap why every portable RV water softener owner needs this kit, here are some valid reasons why it makes sense to get one for your system, 2 stage prefilter, regeneration made easy and safer. No more lifting or shaking heavy softener tanks, comes with all the hardware you need. And finally, compatible with any portable water softener brand that uses ¾” garden hose fittings.

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