Whole House Well Water Filter System Iron, Sulfur, Manganese, 1 CuFt


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The PRO+AQUA PRO-WELL-1E Whole House Well Water Filter System provides unmatched filtration performance for iron, hydrogen sulfide (sulfur rotten egg smell), manganese, zinc, copper, lead, uranium, radium, radionuclides, heavy metals and much more without the need of harmful chemicals or extra expensive equipment and maintenance.

The PRO-WELL-1E Whole home water filter system will instantly eliminate odors and iron (red/orange) stains in your bathroom, stains in your laundry, and many other contaminants that are bad for your health. The small footprint of this well water system allows it to fit in many water closets, in basements or next to your water heater. Most older well water systems and iron filter systems such as air injection and dosing pumps consist of either two separate tanks, using a Venturi valve, or having a tank full of harmful chemicals costing more money and expensive maintenance.

The advance digital valve of this system allows for a maintenance-free and worry-free operation. The system automatically cleans itself without the need for chemicals. The system traps all the contaminants and then backwashes out into the drain every few days. There is no downtime or tanks to fill with harmful chemicals.

The PRO+AQUA PRO-WELL-1E Whole House Well Water Filter System comes complete with everything you need to install. This complete whole home well water filter system includes an Advance digital valve, 1" port stainless steel bypass, 1" port optional yoke, two 1" male adapters, two 18" flex connectors, media pressure tank, filtration media (prefilled) and installation manual. The PRO+AQUA no-hassle worry-free warranty covers you for 5 years and with our lifetime tech support, our live tech reps are ready to assist you if you have any questions for the life of the system.

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