Pro+Aqua - Whole House Water Filter 3 Stage Well Water Filtration System - PRO-100-E



  • 3 Stages for ultimate filtration protection and specifically designed to provide unmatched filtration performance for Well Water. This Whole House Filtration System will provide safe water for your entire home. Remove up to 99% of Chlorine, Water-soluble Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Chromium, and other dissolved metals as well as Iron, Rust, Dirt, Sand, Fungi, Sulfur, Silt, Turbidity, Aluminum, Copper, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC), Cadmium, Cloudiness, Odors and many other contaminants.
  • The perfect system for small and medium households on Well water or City water - The specially engineered filters are designed to work together in series in order to produce healthy safe water and unmatched performance.
  • Pro-Grade materials are designed for commercial use and are made to last years - The clear first stage housing lets you easily monitor your system and see when you need to replace your filters. The Stainless Steel pressure gauges allow for easy monitoring of each filter (other systems use plastic gauges that break after the warranty expires).
  • Easy Low Maintenance - The included wrench and pressure buttons on each stage allow for easy filter changes.
  • Quality 100 Percent Guaranteed - No-hassle 1 year warranty and free lifetime support.



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  • What is productivity of over this filter how many gallons per minute. and how often you have to change cartridges after certain amount of time or after a certain amount of water used

    The max flow rate for this unit is ~7GPM dependent on the water pressure and other factors.
    These filters should be changed as a set.
    The length of time these filters last is dependent on the amount of water consumed along with the conditions of the water. More contaminants means more frequent filter changes.
    These filters should be replaced AT LEAST every 6-12months(closer to 6 on well water, 12 on municipal) or when the pressure delta is ~10-15psi, whichever comes first.