Whole House Well Water Odor Iron Filter System

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•​​ Perfect for 2+ bathrooms on city, municipal and well water sources

• Removes contaminants like sediment, chemicals, heavy metals, iron, hydrogen sulfide, & more

• Digital Control Valve for automatic cleaning, easy monitoring, and hassle-free maintenance

• Constructed with premium commercial grade parts for reliability and durability

• Multiple connection options included for installation flexibility

• 2-Year Standard Warranty (Extendable to 4 Years with Registration) and lifetime support

About the PRO-WELL-1E

Transform your dirty well water into a source of perfection at every tap by instantly eliminating odors, stains, and harmful contaminants

Experience the power of well water filtration with our heavy duty PRO-WELL-1E Whole House Well Water Filter System. Efficiently eliminating iron, hydrogen sulfide (sulfur rotten egg smell), manganese, zinc, copper, lead, uranium, radium, radionuclides, and other heavy metals, this system provides unparalleled protection against a spectrum of harmful chemicals.

The compact design seamlessly fits in water closets, basements, or next to your water heater, offering a smaller carbon footprint. Unlike older systems with costly maintenance and chemical-filled tanks, our advanced digital valve ensures worry-free, maintenance-free operation by automatically cleaning itself, preventing downtime and eliminating the need for toxic chemicals. For your convenience, everything required for installation is included.

Built with premium-grade components for durability and hassle-free maintenance, the PRO-WELL-1E is designed to deliver unmatched performance, protection, and peace of mind for years to come. It's time to transform your well water and say goodbye to odors and iron stains in your bathroom and laundry.

Elevate your water quality and embrace a healthier, worry-free home with PRO+AQUA – Pure Water, Nothing Else.

Whole House Well Water Odor Iron Filter System
Whole House Well Water Odor Iron Filter System Sale price$599.99 Regular price$799.00


Household Size

3-4 people

Dimensions & Weight
10' D x 10' W x 55' H, 83 lbs
Contaminants Removed

Sediment, Rust, Iron, Sulfur, Zinc, Copper, Lead, Radium, Uranium, Radionuclides, Heavy Metals

Number Of Stages


Max Flow Rate

10 GPM

Included in this box

Electronic Valve

Media Tank

Stainless Bypass

Flex Hoses

AC Adapter

Top Distributor

1" Nipples

QC Adapters 1-1"

Drain Hose

O-ring Lubricant

Benefits of PRO-WELL-1E


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Customer Reviews

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Darren Dragich
use caution

Use caution when purchasing this item. The product uses between 125-175 gallons of water in a 25 minute flush cycle in the default modes which I assume are the recommended settings . For some of us well water users with lower recovery rates this will and does drain the well . Support answered quickly when asking if reducing the cycle time would help . The answer was it could be done but may lead to premature failure due to not regenerating the media fully. I wasn't provided a lifespan reduction I'm sure that is something they can not provide . Just do your homework before you purchase. The item seems to work as advertised so far and customer support was great in responding . Still giving 5 star review but maybe list this on your website under the product description so buyers are aware of the amount of water used and possible decreased life spam if not being able to use the default cycle times. Thanks

Iron filter experience

It's been a few weeks since installation. I installed the filter outdoors in a Suncast storage unit. Keeps it dry and out of UV. I have to remark that I'm impressed with the performance. After programming and letting the filter go through a few cycles, I tested the water using a simple test strip system. Iron in suspension went from ridiculously high to nothing within a few days. I wouldn't have believed it could make such a difference. Overall my tests indicate the water is now about as pure as spring water. The well is tapped into an artesian water layer so outside of iron the water was pretty good. I still want to lab test to confirm my findings but results look very good. Only other filtration is a spin down in front of the iron filter mostly for particles like sand.


Been a few months since I installed this. Our water has never been so clear & odor free. And it tastes great too. If you have hard water and/or sulfur smell look no further and just do it!


fast shipping

Night and Day!

Have had iron issues and sulfur smell since day one. Love the country but hate the hard and stinky water. I had just put in new appliances and did not them ruined. Bought this after testing the water and there were multiple problems. Argon, Arsenic, Iron, oh my! We had iron to the point that I was using a rag with RO water to remove it. Fast forward two weeks after installation (to run the old water out of the existing plumbing and..>) Wow. Soap suddenly lathers up really well, dishwasher - washes dishes spotlessly - no more iron staining in toilets; I really thought the old AO Smith filter was on its last leg - but it wasn't doing a thing. After comparing this to the old,the better half said this was a home-run. The best 500~600 I've ever spent!

Pay attention to the instructions - read them twice!