Pro+Aqua - PRO-WELL-1E Whole House Well Water Filtration System



  • PROTECT YOUR HEALTH - This Premium Well Water Whole House Filter instantly fixes iron, hydrogen sulfide (sulfur rotten egg smell), manganese, arsenic, zinc, copper, lead, uranium, radium, radionuclides, heavy metals. With its 3-micron rating, this well water treatment system also filters sediment, rust, sand, and much more.
  • COMPLETE WHOLE HOUSE SYSTEM - Everything you need to install this well water iron filter system to your home or as an addition to a water softener or other filtration equipment. This whole house filter system includes: Advance digital valve, 1" port stainless steel bypass, 1" port optional yoke, two 1" male adapters, two 18" flex connectors, a media pressure tank, filtration media (prefilled), and an installation manual.
  • BUILT TOUGH IN THE USA - Designed and Built in California from premium commercial grade parts and made to last. The Professional's Choice in well, sulfur, and iron water filtration systems.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Clear step by step instructions included with detailed photos. The advance digital valve is easy to program and sets up in minutes. Set up your new well water filter system in no time.
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY, LIFETIME SUPPORT - Buy with confidence knowing that you are fully covered. Free Shipping And Free Returns, Hassle-Free Warranty. The lifetime support has you covered for the lifetime of the system.




Ask a Question
  • Does this remove both Arsenic III and V?

    This will reduce both Arsenic III and V dependent on the amount of iron in the water.

  • Does this system filter Nitrates?

    No, this does not filter nitrates.
    You need a highly specialized nitrate-specific filter to remove nitrates/nitrites etc. That or a reverse osmosis system.

  • How many gallons per minute does this unit process (PRO-WELL-1E). We have 3 full bathrooms, will this reduce water pressure?

    This unit has a flow rate of ~15gpm dependent on pipe size, water pressure, etc.
    In most circumstances the flow rate will remain exactly the same.
    It will reduce water pressure by ~1-2psi which is entirely negligible in most circumstances.

  • How do I get support? Was told there was a chat option but there isnt. No Phone number to call.

    There are two main ways to get ahold of our Customer Support.
    1. Through the Live Chat client on the website.
    2. Through our support email @

    If Technical Support is needed by phone then first contact us through either of the provided clients and we'll schedule you an appointment with a Support Technician from there.

  • What is the media in the PRO-WELL-1E system and how do I purchase the replacement?

    The media in this unit is aluminosilicate based with manganese oxide and lime.
    You can contact us directly for replacement media.

  • Do I need to install a separate sediment filter before this system?

    A sediment filter is recommended before most systems like these to prevent fouling of the media by larger sediments in the water.
    So no, it's not mandatory, but it is good practice and especially so for well water.

  • What is the maintenance schedule for the pro aqua whole house filter unit? I can’t seem to find anything in the manual or on the site. Thank you


    This system cleans itself automatically every 72 hours.
    There is no manual maintenance as there are no filters to change.

    You just need to set your local time and the unit will do the rest.

    Hope this helps.

  • My dissolved iron levels are quite high...approximately 9 mg/L. Will this help with that? Also this is for a seasonal cabin. Is there a way to safely winterize the product?

    This unit will definitely help with that. Some adjustments to the settings and valve may need to be made to give you the most effective removal rate of that much iron.
    The most effective way to winterize the product is with sufficient insulation or removal for the season.

  • Wondering if this will system be able to adequately treat the arsenic in my water. It was tested at 0.0171 mg/l

    Hi there,
    It's all dependent on the level of iron in the water. That amount is low enough that it should be removed by the filter but the presence of iron in the water is recommended for effective arsenic removal.

  • Is this simply a filtration system or an oxidizing and filtering system?

    This system works both through mechanical filtration as well as oxidation/precipitation.

  • Can this filter be rebedded in the future for continued use?

    Yes, all parts can be replaced, including the media, to maximize the life of the system.

  • is the center tube supposed to be secured to the bottom of the tank, or is it free floating in the media? My filter came in yesterday and the shipping plug was cracked and some media was in the box. the center tube is moveable, but not loose. Just want to make sure all is good before I install or do I need to return this?

    The center tube sits on a groove on the bottom of the tank, it is not secured to the tank. This allows you to remove it in case you have to maintenance or replace the media in the future. Hope this helps.

  • I have about .835 mg/L concentration of Iron according to my water report. Would this be a good solution to my slightly yellow water? There is no smell or taste. Also does this require a sediment filter or will this do that job tool?

    Thank you for your questions.
    Yes, this system will help you control the iron in your water.
    In regards to having a sediment prefilter, yes, we highly recommend having a sediment prefilter to help extend the life of your equipment down the line.

    I hope this helps.