Another Possitive Review of the Portable Water Softener

Another Possitive Review of the Portable Water Softener

Clean Freak Interiors recently posted a very thorough review of the Pro-Aqua Portable Water Softener on his channel. He’s known for how meticulous he is when it comes to auto detailing. His specialty is to clean some of the grossest-looking interiors around. Because of his affinity for auto detailing, we felt that he would be a great candidate to test out our portable water softener. 

In his video, he demonstrated the regeneration process and he also showed the foaming difference between hard and soft water. It's visibly noticeable how much more lather he gets with his foam cannon versus using tap water.

This is possible because soft water is free of calcium and magnesium. When these minerals are present in water, they cause a reaction with soap. Hard water minerals are known to prevent a full lather and it creates soap scum. Soap scum is made up of soap and the minerals present in tap water. 

These minerals bond with soap to create a stubborn film that sticks to bath, kitchen, and laundry room surfaces. In addition, you end up using more soap just to get something clean. But with soft water, since those minerals are not present, it allows soaps and detergents to fully work without creating scum or residue. 

The lather on the car in the video is thicker, which means it will do a better job in suspending dirt that is on the surface of the vehicle. Soap works by suspending dirt and lubricating the surface, and by using a wash mitt or a microfiber cloth, you are able to safely scrub the dirt off the car. When it's time to rinse the car, the remaining dirt is washed away. The end result is a much cleaner car. Rather than reading about how great soft water is, head over to Clean Freak Interior’s Youtube Channel to watch his review and see the difference yourself. 

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