Mini Water Softener-Perfect For Apartments

Mini Water Softener-Perfect For Apartments

Do you want to shower/bathe with soft water, but you live in an apartment or condominium where you are not allowed to install a whole house water softener? If so, we’ve got a mini solution that you might want to consider.  

One of the Pro+Aqua Staff members loves soft water, but he lives in an apartment. Installing a whole house water softener in an apartment is nearly impossible unless some major plumbing and construction were done to make it happen. Rather than trying to convince his landlord to do such a thing, we’ve equipped him with one of the Pro+Aqua Travel Series Portable RV Water Softeners and challenged him to make it work. If you didn’t know, this softener is basically a miniature version of a whole house water softener

proaqua apartment water softener
Here’s what he came up with, which was affectionately called the PRO-Shower:

Parts list to make the RV water softener compatible with his shower:

  • Pro+Aqua Portable RV Water Softener 
  • Handheld shower kit from Amazon
  • Shower hose kit from Amazon
  • Quick connect fittings from Amazon
  • Brass ¾ to ½” adapters from Amazon
  • Brass ½” to ¾” adapters from Home Depot
  • Travel Series Sediment/Charcoal Pre-Filter and Regen Kit (old version). New version available HERE.
  • Teflon Tape

With this set up he can leave the pre-filter upright or upside down. It works no matter what the orientation is: 

pro aqua apartment shower water softener

The pre-filter is also the regeneration kit that can be used when it’s time to recharge the resin tank. Simply remove the filter from the housing, then fill it up with either table salt or Morton Water Softener Salt, install it onto the OUT port of the resin tank, and turn on the water to allow a small stream to come out. 45-60 minutes later the tank is ready to be used once again. 

Why was our staff member so obsessed with wanting to get a water softener for his apartment? Well truthfully, he knows all the benefits of having soft water. Besides, the so-called “water softener shower head” that is regularly sold on Amazon does not soften water. Those product listings are very misleading.   

For water to be considered “soft,” there needs to be a physical change within the properties of the water. The resin beads inside the tank perform an ion exchange, this is where the incoming water, rich in calcium and magnesium, latch onto the resin while letting go of salt. That process makes the water “soft” since it is devoid of any calcium and magnesium. Those minerals remain on the beads until regeneration occurs. During regeneration the complete opposite happens, the salt will trade places minerals to be flushed out. Leaving the resin ready to soften water once again. 

Showering with soft water means using less soap and shampoo just to get clean, and less skin irritation from the harsh hard water and chlorine (thanks to the pre-filter). Hair is also softer and more manageable after showering with soft water. Another benefit that makes having this setup wonderful would be the lack of limescale build-up and soap scum in the shower/tub. This translates to fewer hard water stains on glass shower doors or panels. 

After seeing the setup for the “PRO-Shower,” perhaps this could really be a solution for apartment/condominium dwellers that want soft water. All it takes is the portable RV water softener and a few extra parts from Amazon and Home Depot and anyone can enjoy soft water.

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