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Customer Service Rocks!!!

Customer Service is outstanding and very informative.

Mostly satisfied

I like your filtration system and the filters. We currently have the whole house well system. The problem is the sediment filter needs to be replaced twice as often. I am in NY and you ship from CA. It takes along time to get here even if I purchase expedited shipping. Can you please offer the single sediment filter on Amazon? It would make things a lot simpler and faster.

Works great

Love the filter system. Water quality is amazing.

Whole house filtration

Only two stars because the filters have not been installed, and probably won’t be for two more months. However, upon inspection, the system looks quality and arrived in a timely manner. The pricing was the best I found, and I was pleased to receive a Veterans discount.
I hope this helps others.

Iron filter experience

It's been a few weeks since installation. I installed the filter outdoors in a Suncast storage unit. Keeps it dry and out of UV. I have to remark that I'm impressed with the performance. After programming and letting the filter go through a few cycles, I tested the water using a simple test strip system. Iron in suspension went from ridiculously high to nothing within a few days. I wouldn't have believed it could make such a difference. Overall my tests indicate the water is now about as pure as spring water. The well is tapped into an artesian water layer so outside of iron the water was pretty good. I still want to lab test to confirm my findings but results look very good. Only other filtration is a spin down in front of the iron filter mostly for particles like sand.

Been a few months since I installed this. Our water has never been so clear & odor free. And it tastes great too. If you have hard water and/or sulfur smell look no further and just do it!


Has worked really well for my home. My water is VERY Hard. Although I do have to replace them before the 4-6 month period, they still work very well.

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Best Product ever

I love this Item!!!!

Delivered timely, easy to install…. But best of all….. IT WORKS!!

way too soft- called local pros

gave it a try at our newly built house with our new well. Water was way too soft and never could get it right. Called the local Water filtration professionals, and they came out and installed their new system.
Cost more money but money well spent sorry I wasted money on the system

I am very happy with this system. My water quality is everything I hoped for!

Picking a water filtrations system was overwhelming. I watched so many videos and read so many reviews, and there are a multitude of complicating factors. I read reviews were people complained about leaks or water odor or water quality, and I was worried I would have problems. The system came with everything I needed, and I didn't have any problems. Our well has some serious issues. When our softener went out, the water was brown and smelled like rotten eggs. After installing this system my water quality is everything I hoped for. The water is clean, and the odor is gone. I don't have to fight iron stains any more. I had a RO system under my sink, but the one that come with this system was much better in quality and in volume/pressure.

Missing parts I emailed and told them I received no paperwork ,instructions and no water level sensor. Never heard back from them and they never shipped missing parts

Tom s human failure alive and well.

Its had power lose when tested in manufacture.
As directions say hold the button on far right with a swirling 4 way button as you start charging it

Better than anticipated for my well water

Surprisingly arrived in excellent condition considering it shipped from California to Missouri. I researched just about every brand available online before I made my decision. Ultimately I purchased because of unit size (big) and ability to handle the 20 gallons per minute that my well pushes through it. I have a 60/40 pressure switch. I installed 2 inline pressure gauges. One pre and one post water softener. It’s pretty amazing to only have a 2 psi pressure drop while water is running. I’ve had 4 different softeners over the past 25 years and none have ever performed this well. By purchasing a bigger size unit it allows less frequent regenerations which saves water and salt. I set my program to generate based on water volume usage. Highly recommended. Beautiful black color. Easy to install if you can follow specific instructions.

Night and Day!

Have had iron issues and sulfur smell since day one. Love the country but hate the hard and stinky water. I had just put in new appliances and did not them ruined. Bought this after testing the water and there were multiple problems. Argon, Arsenic, Iron, oh my! We had iron to the point that I was using a rag with RO water to remove it. Fast forward two weeks after installation (to run the old water out of the existing plumbing and..>) Wow. Soap suddenly lathers up really well, dishwasher - washes dishes spotlessly - no more iron staining in toilets; I really thought the old AO Smith filter was on its last leg - but it wasn't doing a thing. After comparing this to the old,the better half said this was a home-run. The best 500~600 I've ever spent!

Pay attention to the instructions - read them twice!

Easy to install

Easy to install and makes a big difference with the water.

Easy to install

Easy to install and makes a big difference with the water.

Works as advertised

It works exactly as advertised. The water is very soft, it takes very little soap.

Works as advertised

It works exactly as advertised. The water is very soft, it takes very little soap.

Fits perfect in the storage area in the 5th wheel

Camping trailor

Fits perfect in the storage area in the 5th wheel

Camping trailor