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No return policy???

I ordered the wrong product and I opened it to see if my filter is the right now. Apparently there is no return policy for an open filter that’s not been use. I tried to see if they are willing to work with me, customer service don’t care about my concern. Trash!!!

Wrong item

You sent me the wrong product..

Fits Perfectly

Fast ship and fits perfectly. I just wish they could design a canister that you could drain from the bottom so you didn’t make such a mess swapping them out.

Horrible system

I change it regularly and yet every time there is nasty algae in it.

New filters

My order of new filters came 2 days earlier than what I was told.


I never received the filter, but did receive the line hoes???

Glad you had inventory, needed replacement filters

Working good so far
Water tastes great
Product looks sturdy,well made

Easy install

Removes minerals and lowers TDS.
I used an ICB tote to store 275 gallons of ro water for my house. Comes with a tank float. Works perfect.

use caution

Use caution when purchasing this item. The product uses between 125-175 gallons of water in a 25 minute flush cycle in the default modes which I assume are the recommended settings . For some of us well water users with lower recovery rates this will and does drain the well . Support answered quickly when asking if reducing the cycle time would help . The answer was it could be done but may lead to premature failure due to not regenerating the media fully. I wasn't provided a lifespan reduction I'm sure that is something they can not provide . Just do your homework before you purchase. The item seems to work as advertised so far and customer support was great in responding . Still giving 5 star review but maybe list this on your website under the product description so buyers are aware of the amount of water used and possible decreased life spam if not being able to use the default cycle times. Thanks

Good product but doesn’t self center

I’ve purchased 3 sets of these and it would be great if you added self centering features or balls so that gaskets remain centered during installation

Immediate Difference in our water

Love our Pro Aqua System with regeneration kit. Easy enough to install.

As expected

As expected to replace my older one but the only problem is shipping. I paid for express shipping and it took 7+ days.

Easy filter replaceent

Filter replacement was easy enough, new filters came with everything you need except some instructions. Would've been nice to receive instructions or find some simple instructions on the website without having to pull up the entire installation instructions.

1st time order

Everything ordered was shipped out in a timely manner. Very happy with product and process.

Replacement resin

Frozen old resin and it didn't recover replaced with these and trailer water is back to soft.

Paid for expedited unit and did not get unit on time.

Easy and efficient application

Customer Service Rocks!!!

Customer Service is outstanding and very informative.

Mostly satisfied

I like your filtration system and the filters. We currently have the whole house well system. The problem is the sediment filter needs to be replaced twice as often. I am in NY and you ship from CA. It takes along time to get here even if I purchase expedited shipping. Can you please offer the single sediment filter on Amazon? It would make things a lot simpler and faster.