RV Water Softener System

RV Water Softener System

There are thousands of RV’s on the road with owners that think they don’t need an RV water softener system. They’re most likely using an antiquated way of filtering campground water by employing a tiny inline filter that goes from the source to the RV. Though that method can work in some situations, we’re not going to judge you. But we are going to provide you a better alternative to filter your water, enhance your camping experience and become the talk of the campground. Are you ready? Let’s go!

First thing’s first. Get rid of that low-grade inline filter you’ve been using for years. Throw it right in the trash, where it belongs. The next step is to purchase an actual RV water softener system. The Pro Aqua Portable RV water softener and the prefilter/regen kit are all you’ll need. This system comes with everything you need to greatly improve your water system in your RV. The pre-filter also works as a regeneration kit for the portable water softener. 

PRO aqua RV softener

Speaking of which, the softener is rated at 16,000 grains, which translates to 2000 gallons or 40 days of use before needing to be regenerated. But that all depends on the water hardness of the source. Regeneration is simple with the kit, all you have to do is remove the filter, fill up the canister with 2lbs of table salt or fill it up to the top with some water softener salt such as  Mortons. Connect the ¼” brine line hose to the OUT port of the housing, then connect the other end to the OUT port of the water softener. Then turn the water on until a small pencil-sized stream of water comes out of the IN port of the softener. This will flush out any minerals that have been caught by the resin. 

regen kit proaqua

Essentially, the brine solution scrubs the resin free of calcium and magnesium. This process can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, it all depends on how fast the water dissolves the salt. Keep in mind, that the longer the softener is exposed to the brine solution, the softer the water will be once you’re done. Some people do like their water soft (slippery feeling), so regeneration can be done more than once to achieve the proper results. Otherwise, a single regeneration lasting longer than 30 minutes would be sufficient. 

Having the ProAqua Portable RV Water Softener and Regeneration Kit has some major benefits. For starters, showers will be so much nice. The prefilter is dual-stage and that means it has a built-in grooved sediment filter to catch dirt, large debris, sand, and dust. The next stage is a 5-micron coconut GAC filter that filters chlorine, taste, odor, rust particles, and much more to greatly improve the quality of your water. 

While taking a shower, you will notice that the presence of chlorine has been eliminated, all thanks to the GAC. Shampoo and soap will also produce a thicker, longer-lasting lather to help clean you off better than if you had used regular tap water. When it comes to washing dishes, they won’t be covered in hard water minerals that leave a cloudy residue on flatware, dishes, and glassware. 

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The benefits don’t end there, no! Having an RV water softener system will help protect the plumbing in your rig. Hard water is pretty common in the United States, with over 85% of the nation on it, the likelihood of the campground you’re staying in is on hard water is pretty high. What most people don’t see would be the inner workings of an RV’s plumbing system. Over time hard water will form limescale deposits on water fixtures as well as the plumbing. Limescale is not only unsightly, but it can deteriorate both metal and plastic surfaces that it grows on. Since soft water is devoid of calcium and magnesium, the RV won’t have to deal with any of the harsh limescale buildup, which can save an RV owner a lot of money in the long run since they won’t have to keep replacing water fixtures/appliances and plumbing. 

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But wait! There’s more! Let’s say you’ve had a great week at the campground and you’re back home. It’s time to clean your castle on wheels. Don’t put away that softener yet, soft water has some great cleaning power. When combined with your favorite cleanser, it can do some wonders on surfaces. If you decide to clean the carpets, use soft water, you will get some amazing results. Remember how it was mentioned earlier that soft water is free of calcium and magnesium? When those minerals are not present, it allows soaps and detergents to work better without creating a substrate such as soap scum or residue. This means things will get cleaner and won’t feel sticky at the end. 

If you thought that the benefits of having an RV water softener ended there, you’re wrong! We’ve got one more thing to mention. Wash your RV with soft water. We’ve gone through some great lengths to send out portable water softeners to Youtube Influencers to put the unit through the paces and see how well it works in various situations. One of our influencers did notice how much more lather he was able to get when using his pressure washer combined with a foam cannon. He also mentioned that the thickness of the sheeting the lather created was very impressive. 

To summarize, an RV water softener system is well worth the investment. Initially, the cost may surprise some since inline filters cost a fraction. But keep in mind the benefits outweigh the overall cost of a softener and it is designed to last for years. Having a portable water softener will help keep your RV free of limescale buildup on water fixtures and plumbing. Plus you’ll be able to enjoy soft water where ever you go camping.

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